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Culinary & Wine Tours

Lviv Gastro weekend

Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

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Welcome to cultural center of Ukraine Lviv. We offer another Lviv with lost buildings, with coffee smell and chocolate taste. Make Lviv your next foodie destination Taste Lviv, watch Lviv, enjoy Lviv. Hundreds of different cultures cross the Lviv streets. Each of them has its own stories, traditions, and atmosphere.

Arrival location:

Lviv, Ukraine

Departure Location:

Lviv, Ukraine

Included in your experience:

- accommodation hotel 3*

- airport transfers

- english speaking guide

- degustations according the program

Not included in your experience:

Additional meals

  • 1
    beer tour
    Find out all the truth about beer! We will tell you about Lviv and European traditions of brewing beer and beer drinking. You'll have an opportunity to see how craft beer is brewed and taste it. You'll forget about ten beer myths once and forever. All of us have heard lots of different stories about beer. This beverage has become so popular that many facts are full of myths and it's not always easy to find out where the truth is. You will be informed about all popular beer myths during the tour.
  • 2
    Dinner in the restaurant
    “Trout, bread and wine” which story began long time ago. A sad event happened in 1826 when the old Lviv City Hall collapsed. The only permanent residents of the City Hall were the trumpet player and his family. The ruins buried two soldiers, five workers and the trumpet player. Since then the trumpet player’s family left the City Hall and moved next to the house of the Lviv clockmaker in the Jewish area. It was close to the City Hall and safer. The municipal workers did not earn a lot, that’s why they had to do what they did the best they could in their free time. The clockmaker was a wine expert and also baked the best bread in the city. And the trumpet player baked the most delicious Carpathian river trout (pstruh is the Ukrainian Hutsul name for river trout).
  • 3
    Between sky and earth
    We invite to meet Lviv in our tour “Between sky and earth”. We will go the unusual route which runs between heaven and ground, between the roofs and catacombs – we will see this familiar and the unknown Lviv at the same time. All that you will not hear during usual sightseeing tour – legends, lost facts and unusual stories.
  • Day1
    Saturday: Lviv gastro tour (dinner includes) “From walk to drink”. City tour: Gas Lamp – Rynok Square – Black Mansion – Masoch – café – House of Legends –Jewish quarter - The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant - Kryjivka. It is the most interesting and dynamic tour in Lviv! You'll visit the Holding of Emotions "!FEST" restaurants that are popular in the Western Ukraine. You'll hear modern legends and stories about the city, see architectural monuments and historic places and the most important – feel the city! You will walk along the historical part of the city and overview the main monuments. You'll enjoy "!FEST" tour restaurants with dishes and house spirits tastings in the following three restaurants: "Gas Lamp" is the highest (4-storeyed) Lviv pub, where you will get to know everything about inventors of the first kerosene lamp in the world. "Kryjivka" is the most popular restaurant in Ukraine. Ukraine Insurgent Army and Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. The history of anticommunist resistance, training in rebel shooting range. Medovukha (honey infused liquor) tastings. Galician Jewish restaurant "At the Golden Rose" is the warmth and comfort of the Jewish home, traditional food, Klezmer music and unusual way of payment!
    Hotel 3* | Breakfast Included
  • Day2
    Sunday: Coffee City tour “: Latin cathedral - Armenian Quarter - old defensive walls - "Lviv Coffee Manufacture" Coffee and Lviv have already been inseparable for a couple of centuries since Yuriy Kulchytskyy brought a tradition of drinking coffee to Vienna when Lviv was under the Austro/Hungarian empire. During the tour, you’ll see where and what popular cafes were located in the past. You can find out how the coffee life of ancient Lviv looked like, how Lviv coffee traditions were born, what A. Mickiewicz and T. Shevchenko wrote about coffee as well as many other interesting Lviv stories full of coffee. All about coffee with deep sense! Open your heart and all six senses to coffee! Go forward for good emotions in "Lviv Coffee Manufacture"! You will find out the origin of coffee, the legends, and history, coffee sorts and coffee processing, ways of preparation and coffee traditions! And the most important thing – you will immerse into the world of sensibility and pleasure, you will involve and stimulate each of your 6 senses! Нou will enjoy the tasting of fragrant coffee of course, everything else will surely surprise you but we leave it in secret!
    Hotel 3* | Breakfast Included
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Culinary & Wine Tours

Lviv Gastro weekend

Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

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