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Cultural and Historical Tours

11-Day Beaches & Dragons Journey


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Dreaming of a tropical holiday?

This 11-day journey (limited to 8 guests) starts on the Indonesian Island of LOMBOK. Blessed with white sandy beaches, spectacular tropical reefs and marine life, vivid sunsets, and wonderful beach resorts . . . Lombok is the very definition of 'relaxation.'

After 5 days in Lombok, we'll fly you to the Island of FLORES, where IndoExcursions' large and luxurious phinisi ship - a magnificent traditional Indonesian sailing vessel with "mile-high" sails - will be waiting in a harbour, ready to set sail for the famed KOMODO ISLANDS.

You'll spend 4 glorious days sleeping in opulent quarters and eating meals prepared by a private chef, whilst snorkeling on pristine white beaches; exploring island coastlines in search of the famed Komodo Dragons; and gliding through crystal blue waters teeming with dolphins, green turtles, giant mantarays and more marine life than anywhere else on earth.

The ultimate tropical vacation!

Arrival location:

Jakarta, Indonesia

Departure Location:

Jakarta, Indonesia

Included in your experience:


If there's one thing you won't need to worry about on your IndoExcursions Journey, it's unforeseen out-of-pocket expenses! We take great pains to ensure that our Travellers are rarely in need of personal funds.

Included in your Trip Fee are :

Mobile Telephone (with calling time) for use during your trip

Upon arrival, your Tour Leader/Escort will loan you a basic mobile telephone (with calling time), so that you're able to reach her/him at any time during your Tour.


Domestic airline flights; overland travel in spacious, air-conditioned vehicles; and (on trips which include Komodo-Flores) 4 days of travel aboard a luxury liveaboard boat.

Meals and Snacks

Except on a few "free days," all your meals are included. You'll eat at carefully-selected restaurants (the ones we love), and you'll order directly off the menu, thus eliminating any concerns about dietary restrictions and/or preferences.

Drinking water, juice, soft drinks and snacks are always be available during overland travel.


You'll stay at our favourite luxury hotels, each selected for its charm and Indonesian ambiance.

Should your tour include stops where such accommodations are unavailable, you'll stay at the highest class of hotel available.

If your Tour involves visits to more than one island, you'll be provided an additional night's stay (after termination of your Tour) at a hotel in the city where your tour originated.

Escort/Tour Leader for the duration of your Journey

Upon arrival in Indonesia, you and your fellow-travellers will be met by an IndoExcursions Escort/Tour Leader who will accompany you for the duration of your journey. IndoExcursions Escorts/Tours Leaders are highly-credentialed individuals who have held positions of responsibility for many years prior to joining our organisation. Among the ranks are former university professors, school teachers from Indonesia’s international school community, writers, editors, and business leaders from the hospitality industry.

Professional English-Speaking Tour Guides at each locale visited

At each locale visited, you'll be served by a world-class team of tour guides who are native to the area. All IndoExcursions Tour Guides are university-accredited and knowledgeable in the history and cultural heritage of their region. All are fully trilingual, speaking English, an Indonesian local language, and the national language, Bahasa Indonesia.

Written Materials

Your Escort/Tour Leader will, from time to time, provide you with written materials relevant to your current location and its cultural/historic sites.

Miscellaneous Items

Your Escort/Tour Leader will attempt to anticipate the needs of you and your fellow-travellers. She/he will carry a store of supplies to cover most eventualities - collapsible umbrellas, raincoats, torches/flashlights, electrical adapters, insect repellent, bandages, ziplock bags, electrolyte powder, playing cards - you name it.

Admission Fees to all Sites and Performances

Tips and Gratuities as appropiate throughout the Journey

Donations to all villages visited

Contributions to the INDOEXCURSIONS EDUCATION FUND. A portion of your Trip Fee will be allocated to the INDOEXCURSIONS EDUCATION FUND. Your purchase of an IndoExcursions trip will keep one selected outstanding student in school or university for one month.

Other than a some spending money for souvenirs, meals and activities on your "free days," alcoholic beverages and laundry expenses . . . you need have little worry about out-of-pocket expenses on your IndoExcursions Trip.

Ground Transportation, Airport transfers, English Speaking Guide, Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Not included in your experience:

Flights to and from the destination where your IndoExcursions trip begins and ends

Visa and Passport Fees

Travel Insurance

Excess Baggage Charges

Meals and Activities not specified on the Trip Itinerary

Alcoholic Beverages

Personal Expenses

Required Equipment:


* First and foremost, your Airline Ticket to Indonesia!

* Passport + Coloured Copy of Passport

* 2 ATM Cards

(We recommend having a spare ATM Card in the event that 1 is lost or damaged)

* 1 Credit Card (2 if possible)

* Information/Documents you will need :


This information will be sent to you prior to your arrival in Indonesia.

You'll need to present this information at Immigration upon entry to Indonesia.


You'll need to present this information to your Escort/Tour Leader at your

Orientation Meeting upon your arrival in Indonesia.


* Pen and Notepad

* Book / Reading Material

* Camera

* Backpack / Small Day Pack (for day trips)

* A (very) few changes of Top (T-Shirt /Shirt / Blouse)

* A (very) few changes of Short Trousers

* At least 1 'Nice Outfit' for going out in the evening -

Collared Shirt and Long Pants / Possibly a Dress or Skirt and Blouse for women)

* Pajamas / Sleepwear

* Bathing Suit / Swimwear

* Light Jacket (for high altitudes and airline cabins)

* Hat / Cap (for shelter from the sun)

* Sunglasses

* 1 Pair of Flip-Flops or 'Slip-On' Shoes

In Indonesia, footwear is removed before entering homes and temples,

so it's essential you have shoes which can be easily slipped on and off.

* 1 Pair of Closed-Toe Shoes for walking or trekking

* 1 Pair of Comfortable Shoes for going out in the Evening.

* Socks and Undergarments

* Toiletries

* Prescription Drugs / Medications

* Preferred Over-the-Counter Drugs for headaches and upset stomachs

* Waterproof Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher)

* Aloe Vera Gel

* Lip Balm (preferably one with SPF protection)

* Spare Pair of Glasses (if you wear corrective eyewear)

    None Available for this package
  • Day1
    Selamat datang, welcome to the Island of LOMBOK, INDONESIA! On Day 1, you and your fellow travellers will arrive at the Lombok airport at various times throughout the day. Regardless of your arrival time, we will have an IndoExcursions driver greet you at the airport and deliver you to our luxurious resort on MANGSIT BEACH on the west coast of Lombok. At 4:30pm, we'll convene for an Orientation in the resort's beachfront restaurant, where you'll meet your Escort/Tour Leader and travel companions for the first time. Over dinner, the Tour Leader will give each traveller a detailed Trip Itinerary and a Mobile Telephone (so we can stay in touch throughout our journey). Following the Orientation, we'll head to a world-renown Mangsit spa (named by Conde Nast Johansen as 1 of the 10 best in the world) for a sumptuous 'rijsttafel dinner' - an honourary Indonesian meal consisting of many courses and served on very special occasions. After dinner, we'll return to our hotel for a good night's rest before setting off on our journey in the morning. IMPORTANT NOTES : * Each month, IndoExcursions conducts at 27-DAY JOURNEY ACROSS INDONESIA which includes the islands of Java, Sulawesi, Bali, Lombok and Flores. You'll be joining midway through the tour, so many of your travel companions will have already been travelling together prior to you meeting up with them in Lombok. * At no time will the total number of travellers ever exceed 8 persons.
    Best Hotel in location visited | Breakfast Included
  • Day2
    The first day in Lombok will be entirely yours; a "Free Day." From sun up until 6pm, you'll be on your own. If you'd like, you can return to the spa for a ritual treatment lasting anywhere from 1 hour to 1 day; or you can head to SENGGIGI (the main town on Lombok's west coast) to shop for antiques and local handicrafts; or you can stroll the endless west coast beaches in search of beach bars and cafes; or you can just relax poolside and do nothing at all. The choice is, ultimately, yours. We'll keep 1 tour guide on call for the day, in the event that you or any of your fellow-travellers require assistance with transport to your desired locations. At 6pm, all travellers will meet back at our beach resort, and we'll have a special evening planned, complete with dinner, music and dance.
    Best Hotel in location visited | Breakfast Included
  • Day3 - 5
    We have 3 full days devoted to an exploration of Lombok. Lombok is Bali's neighbour to the east, but, unlike it's superstar neighbour, Lombok is the island-of-choice for those seeking 'relaxation and serenity.' It's more than a place; it's a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind - a place to slow down, unwind, "chill out." When IndoExcursions Travellers arrive in Lombok after visiting Bali, we tell them, "Exhale and stretch out a little. You're in Lombok now." (For all its charms, Bali has an 'intensity' that simply doesn't exist on Lombok.) Over 3 days, our native Lombok tour guides will introduce you to an island which is blessed with white sandy beaches, spectacular tropical reefs, exquisite marine life, vivid sunsets, wonderful beach resorts . . . everything you dreamed of when you planned your tropical holiday! Our guides will also take you to the GILI ISLANDS (3 tiny islands off the Lombok coast) with the whitest sand imaginable and some of the best snorkeling in the world. In addition to its beach-fringed coast, Lombok's lush forested interior is home to Indonesia's second-highest volcano, Mount Rinjani, and, at the foothills of Rinjani are some of the most serene waterfalls in the archipelago. It's our habit to encourage IndoExcursions travellers to take a (moderate) hike to the base of Rinjani to catch a glimpse of at least one of these exquisite waterfalls . . . but, if you decide to stay behind and chill out at the beach, we'll understand. After all, you're in Lombok. At the end of each day, we'll withdraw to the Mangsit-Senggigi area, where we'll spend relaxing evenings dining at marvelous restaurants and, on some nights, taking in a performance. Our favourite restaurants include a restaurant on the beach, where we can enjoy barbequed fish on the sand as the sun sets over the water; a restaurant high on a cliff, with food and a view to die for; and a seaside restaurant in the heart of Senggigi which is popular with locals and visitors in the evening. On at least 2 evenings, our dinners will include music and traditional dance performances.
    Best Hotel in location visited | Breakfast Included
  • Day6 - 10
    After 5 days on Lombok, you should have restored balance to your mind, body and spirit . . . So, on Day 6, we'll move on to the climax of our journey: We'll take a short flight to the Island of FLORES and check into a beach resort in Labuan Bajo (the Island capital). There, we'll enjoy dinner at our resort as we watch the sun set over the world-renown KOMODO ISLANDS just west of Flores. Early on Day 7, we'll make our way to the Labuan Bajo port and board IndoExcursions' large and luxurious phinisi ship - a magnificent traditional Indonesian sailing vessel with "mile-high" sails. With 8 IndoExcursions travellers onboard, a private chef and a full staff, we'll set sail for the Komodo Islands - a UNESCO-protected World Heritage Site and home to the famed Komodo Dragon, the world's largest monitor lizard. For 4 glorious days, we'll glide through the crystal blue waters of the Komodo Islands - an area boasting the greatest marine biodiversity on earth, and teeming with dolphins, green turtles and giant mantarays. During our voyage, you may snorkel on pristine sandy white beaches; or explore the island coasts in search of Komodo Dragons; or, if you prefer, you may spend the entire 4 days relaxing on deck with a margarita in hand. All this, whilst enjoying world-class meals and accommodations on a luxurious sailing vessel. What's not to love? The Komodo Islands will provide the perfect ending for our Indonesia Tour. On Day 10, upon returning from our 4-day cruise, we'll spend one final evening in Labuan Bajo, where we'll enjoy a lavish farewell dinner together and check into our resort for another night.
    Aboard a luxury liveaboard sailing vessel | Breakfast Included
  • Day11
    Having spent 10 sun-filled days traversing Lombok, the Gili Islands and the Komodo Islands, you should be well-tanned, have heaps of photos, and lots of stories to tell when you get back home. But, more importantly, we hope you'll have many fond memories of experiences shared with new friends. On Day 11, we'll make our way to the Flores airport in Labuan Bajo and say our goodbyes. Then, you'll fly back to your original entry point in Indonesia, where IndoExcursions will have arranged a final night's accommodation for you before you head back to your home country . . . Unless, of course, you live in Indonesia, or choose to remain in Indonesia for some independent travel! ____________________________________________ WE HOPE YOU'LL JOIN US FOR 11 DAYS OF FRIENDSHIP AND CONVERSATION . . . AND THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME! WE LOOK FORWARD TO TRAVELLING WITH YOU IN THE WEEKS OR MONTHS AHEAD.
    Best Hotel in location visited | Breakfast Included
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Cultural and Historical Tours

11-Day Beaches & Dragons Journey


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