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Cultural and Historical Tours

Eastern Tibet Tour

Tibet, China

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The Eastern Tibet Tour has a blend of the most scenic landscapes that will enchant you forever. There’s a lot to see and do in Lijiang, as the city has a history of over 800 years. At 2690 meters above sea level the mesmerizing trip to Lugu lake, is worth your expectations. Take a ride on one of the most beautiful road in the world between Shangri-La and Daocheng. The stunning views at the Yading National Park, with kora around the Chenrezik Mountains will leave you in a moment of clarity. While on the trip observe the “Sky Burial Ceremony,” the general practice of Tibetan excarnation. The Eastern Tibet Tour encorporates all the beauty of Eastern Tibet and are for those who wish to take a break from the vast desert-ike Tibetan plateau and explore lush eastern side of Tibet.

Best Season

Spring (April and May), summer (June, July and August) and autumn (September, October and November) are the best seasons for Eastern Tibet Tour.

Your safety is of paramount concern while traveling with Himalayan Glacier. Please note that your leader has the authority to amend or cancel any part of the itinerary if it is deemed necessary due to safety concerns. Every effort will be made to keep to the above itinerary; however, since this adventure entails travelling in remote mountainous regions, we cannot guarantee that we will not deviate from it. Weather conditions, health condition of a group member, unexpected natural disasters, etc., can all contribute to changes in the itinerary. The leader will try to ensure that the trip runs according to plan, but please be prepared to be flexible if required.

Arrival location:

Chengdu, China

Departure Location:

Chengdu, China

Included in your experience:


We will be staying at 3-4 star hotels throughout our trip. All accommodations are on a twin-shared basis.


Only breakfasts are included in this trip. We are expected to pay for lunches and dinners on our own. Breakfast will be taken in the same place we stay for the night. Similar arrangements can also be made for dinner. Lunch will be taken en route to the next destination(s). We recommend our guest(s) to budget Yuan 60 to Yuan 100(US$10 to US$16) for lunch and dinner in a single day. We will mainly eat Tibetan bread, dal (lentil soup), bhat (rice), tsampa porridge and other simple local foods.

All necessary Tibet travel permits.

All fees for sightseeing and visits to monasteries as outlined in the itinerary

All applicable taxes and service charges.

Ground Transportation, Airport transfers, English Speaking Guide

Not included in your experience:

Chinese visa fee

International flights

Travel insurance

Meals other than breakfast in Tibet

Tips for guide(s) and driver(s)

Nepal visa

    None Available for this package
  • Day1 - 2
    Arrival in Kunming then fly to Lijiang: 45 mins flight time After you arrive at the Kunming Changshui International airport, our representative will greet you and assist you to board the domestic flight to Lijiang. The 45 minutes flight will take you to Lijiang, an ancient city in the Yunnan province. Lijiang city has well over 800 years of historical significance, as early as the late Song dynasty, so there is much to see around here. The well-preserved old town of Lijiang is inhabited by Naxi ethnic minorities with brilliant culture; the city is surrounded by tree covered Lion mountains in the west, Elephants and Golden Row Mountains in the north. The narrow lanes of the city run parallel to channels, with clear water running through them. The town looks like a place, just out of a fairytale. Overnight in Lijiang.
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day2 - 3
    Drive to Lugu Lake: 6-7 hours After breakfast, start your journey to the mesmerizing Lugu Lake (2685m), which is approximately 200km from Lijiang city. The road to Lugu Lake cuts across green valleys, rice fields and mountains, during the entire travel time you will be enchanted by the rich foliage and beauty of the places that you travel through.
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day3 - 4
    Full day sightseeing, Lugu Lake Your excitement escalates as you view the lake from the shores. It is an observed fact the vista of the lake changes constantly throughout the day, and the lake is also shaped like a horse’s hoof. The sparkling waters of the Lake will offer serenity to all those who visit it. Take a walk around the shores or canoe ride on the tranquil waters; we are sure that the beauty of the place is going to delight you. The forest surrounding the lake is dense and the air is fresh, the area is not tainted by modern industry and development, so the natural beauty of the lake is retained. Overnight in Lugu.
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day4 - 5
    Lugu to Shangri-la: 4-5 hours Take a leisurely drive to the Shangri-la County. Without a railway line and only a small regional airport within its boundaries, the Shangri-La County mainly relies on its roads as the main means of transportation. The Yunnan Tibet Road, Sichuan Tibet Road and Xikang - Tibet Road all pass through there, which is really more of a convenience to the local land traffic. Enjoy the drive, through typical oriental surrounding, the terraced fields, green hills and scenic surroundings. Overnight in Shangri-la.
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day5 - 6
    In Tibetan, Shangri-La means the "sun and moon in heart", an ideal home only found in heaven. While the Tibetans cover the majority of the population, the region is also inhabited by many different ethnic groups. You will have an opportunity to experience Tibetan lifestyle, culture, religion and cuisine. Take a ride to the Sumtsaling Monastery, which was built in 1679 by the Fifth Dalai Lama, which is sometimes referred to as the Little Potala Palace. The Pudacuo National Park lies about 22 km east of the Shangri-La country and covers an area of about 1300 km. The area has abundant natural attractions like beautiful lakes, river, marshes and many natural wonders. Overnight in Shangri-la.
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day6 - 7
    Shangri-la to Daocheng: 9-10 hours Take on the most enchanting ride on the most beautiful road in the world, between Shangri-la and Daocheng. The road cuts across serene landscapes, tranquil lakes, forests and plains, many small settlements along the way will make you want to stop and soak in the beauty of the places. Stop at the small eateries along the way and savor authentic Chinese cuisine. We suggest you keep your camera at hand. Overnight in Daocheng. Included meals: Dinner
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day7 - 8
    Daocheng to Yading National Park Yading National Park is a nature reserve in the Daocheng County; the exotic park was closed to visitors until the late 1990’s. The drive from Daocheng to Yading National park takes about 3 hours on a private vehicle, and much of the road is unpaved dirt track. The National Park is home to three sacred Tibetan peaks, Jambeyang, Chanadorjee and the Chenrezik, which is the highest peak at 6032m above sea level. The Tibetans believe that the three peaks bring about good fortune and merit, so they make a “Kora” (pilgrimage) around these peaks. There’s lot to see in the park, the magnificent mountains and meadows, wide variety of flora and fauna on par with most national reserve parks around the world. This park is truly the “Last Shangri-la.” Overnight in Yading National Park guest house.
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day8 - 9
    First day excursion of Kora and Chenrezik mountains till nomad camp, camping session: 4-5 hours Yading Park is also famous for Kora around the Chenrezik peak. It is possible to do this trek in one day, completing it in 12 to 14 hours. However taking 2 days to complete the kora is a better option as it gives you more time to really enjoy the area. Horses are available as an option, however it is easier to walk below the deep drop of West face of Chenerzik passing small waterfalls and rocky debris. The walk down may also be strenuous because it is quite steep till the Kasi Camp, and the entire trek is done above 4000m. The trek till the nomad camp is exciting and captivating, after the strenuous trek you finally arrive to a valley at the foot of Chenrezik peak. After you cross a clearing, you will find a stone hut. An old man lives in the hut. He’s been there over 30 years. Enjoy your night out camping here at 3800m. Overnight Camping.
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day9 - 10
    Second day excursions of Kora and Chenrezik mountains till village, back to Daocheng Today you walk or take a horse ride down into the Kasi Valley, the trail leads you into a narrow gulley which is east to the Yading Reserve stretching 13 km long to the Kasi Village at the west at its deepest part 1000 meters. The strange shaped rock in this gulley are described by local people metaphorically as guillotines, choppers and balance scales, something from the Hell. In the Tibetan legend or belief, departed souls will have to walk through this gulley after their death and towards the heaven. The Kasi Village comes into view as your come out of the gulley. Transfer to Daocheng, Overnight in Daocheng.
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day10 - 11
    Daocheng to Kanze: 4-5 hours Kanze is a noisy market town which sits in a valley at 3400m, surrounded by the Trola (Chola) range, and is a natural place to take a break from the trip. The gorgeous surrounding countryside is dotted with Tibetan villages and ancient monasteries. The Kandze Monastery sits on a hilltop approximately 2kms away from town, take an excursion to the monastery. Overnight in Kanze.
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day11 - 12
    Kanze to Serta (Larung Gar), sightseeing The Serta County comprises of 17 towns and 66 villages. The sight of the town of Larung Gar will overwhelm you, you will definitely stare in awe, as you see thousands of box- like houses sweeping down the hillside, around 40,000 monks, nuns and lay-students reside in these homes. The Larung Gar Buddhist Institute, which is the largest Tibetan Buddhist institute in the world, dominates the town. At 4000 meters the town of Larung Gar is home to mostly “Kham” speaking Tibetans. Overnight in Larung Gar.
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day12 - 13
    Watch the Sky burial ceremony, transfer to Luhuo (Luhuo, Garze, Sichuan) As per the Vajrayana Buddhism, most Tibetans believe that the body is just an empty vessel after the soul departs. The purpose of the sky burial is simply to dispose of the remains in a generous way. In much of Tibetan autonomous region, the ground is too hard and rocky to dig a grave, and due to the scarcity of fuel and timber, sky burials were typically more practical than the traditional Buddhist practice of cremation. Observe the Sky burial ceremony at you discretion. Travel to 134 kms to Luhuo County. Overnight in Luhuo.
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day13 - 14
    Luhuo to Kangding via Tagong, Monastery visit The day long drive from Luhuo to Kangding is filled with excitement, the road cuts through beautiful valleys, hills and plains infused with greenery. Take a break at Tangong and visit the grand Tangong monastery situated nearby a sacred mountain, Yala Peak or Zhara Lhatse at 5820m. Get an insight on the Sakya Tradition, where they impart Tibetan Buddhism to young scholars. Kangding is a sleepy town, take a break and wander around the streets and observe the Tibetan lifestyle. Overnight in Kangding.
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day14 - 15
    Kangding to Chengdu (flight from Kangding is also available) It’s time for you to travel back to Chengdu, the option of driving to Chengdu will take about 5-6 hours, you can enjoy the serene panorama along the way. However if you like to reach Chengdu early, you also have the option of flight which takes about 50 minutes. Chengdu is a bustling Chinese metropolis, there’s a lot to see and do here, shop around for trinkets and memorabilia’s for your loved ones back home or taste authentic Chinese cuisine before you depart. The city has many modern entertainment amenities to keep you amused. Overnight in Chengdu.
    3/4 * Hotels | Breakfast Included
  • Day15
    Final departure The time has come to bid farewell to this wonderful region of the world, we are sure you gathered wonderful experiences of this place. Our representative will escort you to the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.
    | Breakfast Included
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Cultural and Historical Tours

Eastern Tibet Tour

Tibet, China

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