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PHARAOH'S DELIGHT (Tour d'Afrique 1/8)

Egypt to Sudan

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The Journey

2,285 km

18 days riding

3 days rest

The Tour d’Afrique starts on the outskirt of Cairo at the legendary Pyramids of Giza, one of the 7 Wonders of The World. After the opening ceremony with the enigmatic Sphinx looking on, your intrepid journey begins through Cairo, the largest city in Africa and heading east towards the Suez Canal.

Once you arrive at the Red Sea you turn south and ride the coastal highway to Safaga. From there you will begin your first major climb riding inland across the rugged Eastern desert into Upper Egypt, joining the Nile River at Qena. In Luxor, you will have the opportunity to explore one of the most the magnificent archeological sites in the world, Temple of Karnak, the Valleys of the Kings, and the Valley of the Queens. From there, the route continues south along the banks of the mother Nile towards the Aswan Dam.

From Aswan the 2015 tour will have the opportunity to visit the famed monuments of Abu Simbel, which Tour d’Afrique expeditions have not visited since 2005. This opportunity has been created due to the completion of the road from Egypt to Sudan which now allows a continuous cycle from Cairo to Cape Town.

After crossing the new border post, you have entered one of the world’s most remote and least visited countries. Once there, you will discover that the Sudanese are some of the world’s friendliest people. For many riders this is where the “real” Africa begins. With the Nile River as companion, you will spin past minarets and through palm grove villages that have hardly changed in hundreds of years.

Change to the area however has come as the sandy tracks that the tour used to traverse in the Nubian Desert, have been replaced by smooth Chinese funded tarmac. This section ends with a convoy ride into the Sudanese capital city of Khartoum, which sits at the confluence of the Blue and White Nile rivers. After the heat and dust of the desert, Khartoum seems to be part oasis and part mirage.

The “Pharaoh’s Delight” is for those who want to feel the desert wind on their face and experience the romance of biking along one of the great rivers of the world, through the lands of the Pharaohs and the Nubian Kingdom of Cush. At times you will feel like you are one of the first travelers to come upon these forgotten lands. And on a bicycle, that’s pretty much the truth.

Arrival location:


Departure Location:


Included in your experience:


2 Nights in hotels

120 Nights of camping


166 Freshly prepared camp meals

1 Restaurant meal

98 Roadside lunches

>>On-Tour Support:

Vehicle to carry your bags

Experienced Tour Leader

'Sweep' Rider

Security as needed

Bike Mechanic


Local support

Experienced chef


Tour jersey

Bicycle donated to NGO in your name

Energy bars and drinks

Afternoon soup on riding days

Celebratory final dinner

Pre-Tour Information Bulletins

Simple Online registration system

Not included in your experience:


    None Available for this package
  • Day1 - 3
    The opening stage of the TdA is always a non-race stage, so the riders can warm up and we can test the race system. On non-race days a time of 5 hours is given to all racers who complete the stage. On all stages a time of 12 hours indicates either the rider did not finish, did not time in/out, or took longer than 12 hours to complete the day's distance.
    Stage 1 (104 km)
  • Day3 - 6
    Baptism by Fire. For the first official racing stage of the 2014 TdA, Allah and the Sudanese desert "blessed" the participants with a 25 km headwind. It was survival of the fittest with only 2 men and 1 lady coming in under 8 hours, averaging 18 kmph. Kudos also go to the Channel Islands' Anne Davenport for her 4th place finish on the day.
    Stage 2 (148 km)
  • Day6 - 8
    Another tough day in the Nubian desert en route to the infamous Dead Camel camp. The trio of American David Wolfendale, Aussie David Grosshans, and Dutch dame Ina de Visser are indicating that they will be the ones to beat, having completed today's stage 2 1/2 hours ahead of the others.
    Stage 3 (143 km)
  • Day6 - 8
    Today's stage was a 20 km Individual Time Trial which only 12 riders participated in. After the tough first few stages everyone else was set on getting to Nile oasis town of Dongola and the tour's first rest day. Seizing the day and taking over the overall race lead were USA's David Wolfendale, and Flying Dutchwomen Ina de Visser - who warmed up for the TdA by riding across Turkey on the 2012 Silk Route. Race followers can expect these results to be updated every rest day, and more often when internet access proves more reliable than it is in the Sudanese desert.
    Stage 4 (20 km)
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PHARAOH'S DELIGHT (Tour d'Afrique 1/8)

Egypt to Sudan

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