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Albania, Montenegro

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We are offering you a wonderful tour through the Balkans: The winner of the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2013. This is a tour through unattainable places where you can realize the real grandeur of the mountains, and their jagged peaks. During your journey you will have the opportunity not only to hike and trek, but also to discover totally unknown lands, cut from the rest of the world preserving their natural beauty, the ancient culture and traditions of their inhabitants untouched. This is not only a tour: this is a discovery, a challenge, a new breathtaking experience. Enjoy it.

Included in your experience:

• Transfer from and to the airport

• All trips according to the program schedule.

• Entrance fees and sightseeing as per program

• 4 nights hotel accommodation in a double/twin room with shower or bathtub and toilet.

• 6 nights in guest house in shared rooms, shower/ WC

• 2 nights in tent (no shower facilities)

• 11 x full board (lunch packet for 7 x lunch, 2 x breakfast, 2 x dinner )

• Dinner on arrival day and breakfast on departure day.

• Selected restaurants "A la carte" in Shkodra, Kosovo, Durrës and Tirana.

• Transport of luggage by horses on the 4,5,7,9,10 days (maximum 15 kg per person).

• Accompaniment by an English speaking hiking or culture guide during the entire journey.

Airport transfers, English Speaking Guide, Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Not included in your experience:

Any type of insurance.

All drinks in guest houses, hotels and bars.

    None Available for this package
  • Day1
    The journey begins at noon, immediately after arriving at Mother Teresa Airport. We drive to Shkodra, one of the oldest inhabited cities in Albania with a 2400-year-old history of urban civilization. Numerous people, countries and cultures have left their traces on the city. Many sights, monuments, memorials and ruins bear witness of its eventful history. After a short city tour, we will have dinner in a traditional restaurant "À la carte". Overnight in a hotel in Shkodra.
    Shkodra | Breakfast Included
  • Day2
    The journey to the north begins right after breakfast. The road leads from Shkodra to Han i Hotit, the village before the border crossing with Montenegro, then heads north, to the Albanian Alps. We drive through the region of Kelmend, the northernmost region of Albania, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. The trip through the steep Cem valley is exceptionally impressive and the winding road that leads to the village Grabom offers breathtaking views over the valley. Passing Tamara, the centre of Kelmend, we will be driven up to Selca, the village with an impressive Catholic cathedral, perched into the slope of the valley above the Canyon of Gërrle. From here we will hike up to the 30 meters high Sllapi waterfall. We will have a lunch break on our way back to the village and then drive to Lëpushë, another village nestled in green hills and surrounded by beech forest. After a short walk on the plateau nearby, dinner and accommodation will be provided in a guesthouse
    Kelmend | Breakfast Included
  • Day3
    This is a little challenging hike that offers stunning views over the countryside of both lands: Albania and Montenegro. Starting from our guesthouse, we follow the trail that leads first through meadows and then through the beech forest and grassy pastures. From here the trail becomes steeper leading to Trojan Pass (Qafa e Trojanit, 2021 m). We will hike one last section over the ridge up to the summit and enjoy the majestic panorama of the Alps. The descent trail runs southwards, up to "Qafa e Dobkut" and then through the forest. From here we follow the good visible path in the direction of the valley up to our guesthouse in Lëpushë. Dinner and accommodation are provided in the same host.
    Maja | Breakfast Included
  • Day4
    After breakfast in Lëpushë, we will be driven to Vermosh. Just before crossing the border to Montenegro, we will admire the Gërnjçara Canyon (Canyon of Bashkimi), where the river of Vermosh, the only tributary of the Danube that flows through Albania, gushes into a narrow gorge less than 2 m wide, in a pleasant natural setting. Passing through the town of Gusinje, our hike will start in the village Vusanje (970 m), after a short photo stop at its waterfall and karst spring. We will follow the Ropojana Valley, surrounded by stunning views of high and rugged peaks and then turn left in the direction of Buni i Jezercës. We will gradually gain altitude and re-enter in Albania through a mountain pass, at the former border pyramid no. 17. Then we will have a lunch break and follow the path in Buni i Jezercës. At the glacial trough of Buni i Jezercës, approximately 1800 m altitude, lay six glacial lakes surrounded by unspoilt, wild nature. We will have some free time to hike around and visit each of the lakes. Accommodation will be provided in tents at the upper section of the trough.
    Ropojana | Breakfast Included
  • Day5
    Today's hike is challenging and starts very early in the morning. We hike up in the southwestern direction following the path that leads to Jezerca Pass (2150 m). We leave back the majestic views of Kokërhana Peak and the highest one, Jezerca (2694 m), and continue down to the winding trail on the feet of the prominent Maja e Bojës (2461 m). Our hike passes by the first woods above the field of Runica and leads to the water source "Sheu i Bardhë" where we will have a short stop. The trail follows southwards with slight slope differences, on a firm grass and stony path continues in the direction of the small Peçakeqi glacial lake. As we approach Peja Pass (1711 m), we will turn right, where the trail becomes steeper and runs through the rocky blocks. We will continue hiking westward, winding past small steep meadows and big blocks of limestone cliffs. The summit of Arapi offers an awe-inspiring view over the Valley of Theth and the summit of Radohina (2570 m). We will take the same trail to get down to the Pass of Pejë. From there the descent towards Theth follows a narrow rocky trail that leads down the valley. The last part is surrounded by colorful scenery, forests, mountains and passing streams. Dinner and accommodation are provided in a guesthouse in Theth, where we will taste the homemade traditional food.
    Arapi | Breakfast Included
  • Day6
    The day begins with an introductory walk through the village. We visit the eye-catching vernacular church and the "Lock-in Tower" (Kulla e ngujimit). Then, the varied walking towards the gorge and waterfall of Grunas begins. Grunas canyon is 30 meters high and one meter wide, and the waterfall is a Nature Monument. After a short break we continue our walk up to Ndërlysa. The glacier mills of Ndërlysa offer a unique spectacle of nature: The water of the Black River (Lumi i Zi) squeezes through a narrow approach that has arisen over the millennia. Rounded and sharp rocks, half dipped into the shimmering colors of water and all around green vegetation will surround our path, past by a wooden bridge. We continue our hike up to the "Blue Eye of Kapre" (Syri i kaltër i Kapresë), a spellbinding natural pool with amazingly blue water in a jungle-like environment. After a short break, we follow the same path to the guest house. On the way back, we will visit the mill of Kolaj, a small wooden building structure near a bridge which is put to work by a stream of water diverted from the river of Theth.
    Theth | Breakfast Included
  • Day7
    Today’s hike starts early in the morning. The ascent is initially soft and runs through the woods, then becomes steeper and continues to the Pass of Valbonë (Qafa e Valbonës). From here, at a height of 1759 meters above sea level, the view over the valleys of Valbonë and Theth is unique. The descent towards Valbonë is initially craggy, getting softer as we approach the valley and then going through an open forest. Throughout the day, the horses will follow us carrying the luggage. Accommodation and dinner will be provided at the guest house in Valbonë.
    Valbone | Breakfast Included
  • Day8
    This day offers an easy hike and amazing landscapes, followed by an interesting afternoon to get in touch with the nature and culinary traditions, as well as participate in the everyday life of the locals. The ascending trail leads through the forest towards a very beautiful meadow called "Bregu i Rrethit", from where you can admire the Valley of Valbonë and the mountain range of "Grykët e Hapëta - Zhaborre". The view is stunning: craggy peaks covered with snow, village houses that look like small stone flowers over a green carpet and the under the sun shining river that gives life to the village. After a short photo break, we will follow the descent trail to the guest house. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to participate in the traditional manufacturing of cheese, the preparation of the local food, take care of the animals, etc. After such a simple yet rare experience, we will enjoy the delicious freshly cooked dinner. - See more at:
    Bregu i Rrethit | Breakfast Included
  • Day9
    After breakfast we will be transferred up to the village of Çerem, a small village amidst of woods, 17 kilometers northeast of Valbonë. At the moment Çerem is inhabited only during the summer time. Our hike starts at the centre of the village on a path that runs northeast along the stream and then enters the forest. After almost 3 km, the trail turns sharply left winding up to the Montenegrin border. We continue for few kilometers along Montenegrin territory and then reenter Albania. The track to Dobërdol follows northeast through the forest up to the Gashi Valley. Then we turn left following the ascending path that leads us to the beautiful meadows and the Valley of Dobërdol. The main attractions in Dobërdol are the glacial lakes on the Dobërdol plateau. Some free time is planned for hiking or bathing in the lakes. Overnight stay is provided in tents.
    Doberdol | Breakfast Included
  • Day10
    The day begins with the hike through bilberry covered meadows of Dobërdol in the direction of the mountain ridge, which forms the border between the two countries. From there the view over the Alps of Kosovo is unique. Following the ridge and hiking in the southeastern direction we can see the heart-shaped glacial lake of Gjeravica. We hike up to the saddle from where it is possible to ascend the Gjeravica Mountain. After a break, we follow the descending path that leads us to the village where the vehicles will be waiting to drive us to Gjakova.
    Kosovo | Breakfast Included
  • Day11
    This day is dedicated to cultural sightseeing in Kosovo. We will be driven to Deçani to visit the Visoki Decani monastery, part of UNESCO World Heritage List. It was built between 1327 and 1335 by the Serbian medieval king St. Stephen of Decani and was dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord. The monastery is the largest and best preserved medieval Serbian monastery. Today a young brotherhood of 30 brethren lives in the monastery continuing the centuries old tradition of the past and the beautiful monastic services are served according to the typicon of Mount Athos. From there we will be driven to Prizren, the multicultural historic city, mentioned with the name "Theranda" in Ptolemy's Geography in the 2nd century AD. We will visit the Shadervan quartier, the mosque of Sinan Pasha, admire or buy the typical leatherworks and walk over the old stone bridge or uphill up to the fortress which dominates the city. Lunch is planned in a traditional restaurant just in the middle of the Sharri Mountains. You will have the possibility to eat traditional food as you enjoy the breathtaking natural landscape. In the afternoon - return trip to Tirana
    Prizren | Breakfast Included
  • Day12
    For the day is planed the visit of the capital city and its main attractions. Tirana is located in Central Albania, at the western foot of the Dajti Mountain. At its south and west Tirana is surrounded by hills that form a green belt around the city. Tirana is not only the cultural, political and economic centre of the country, but also a city where fun is guaranteed: lively, loud, crazy, colorful. We will visit the “Mosaic of Tirana” (the oldest surviving remains in Tirana, built almost 2 millennia ago), Et’hem Bey Mosque, Skanderbeg monument and National Historical Museum. After the dinner at a traditional restaurant "A la carte", you can have a drink in one of the nice bars in "Blloku" quarter, the most animated quarter of the capital. (B/ L/ D)
    Tirana | Breakfast Included
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Albania, Montenegro

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