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The majestic Mount Brijas and Rosi

Valbona, Albania

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This is a short and very intensive journey in Valbona Valley and its surrounding mountains. We are going to ascend two of the most interesting summits of the Albanian Alps. They are not so far away, but very different from each other. The Rosi Summit, 2,523 meters high, is located on the border between Albania and Montenegro, and offers breathtaking views of both countries.

Brijas, 2567 meters high, is the most imposing of all the peaks of the mountain range Grykat e Hapëta - Zhaborre. Its north face, together with the south wall of Arapi, are the two highest vertical rock walls of the Balkans.

Arrival location:


Departure Location:


Included in your experience:

Number of participants: 7 - 8 people

Included in the price

• Transfer from and to the airport

• All trips, whether by bus, off road vehicle and boat according to the program schedule.

• Entrance fees and sightseeing as per program

• 2 nights hotel accommodation in a double/twin room, with shower or bathtub and toilet.

• 2 nights in guest house in shared rooms, shower/ WC

• 3 x full board (Lunch packet for 2 x lunch)

• Dinner on arrival day and breakfast on departure day

• Selected restaurants "A la carte" in Tirana and Kosovo.

• Accompaniment by an English or German speaking hiking or culture guide during the entire journey.

Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Not included in your experience:

Any type of insurance.

All drinks in guest houses, hotels and bars

    None Available for this package
  • Day1
    After arrival at noon, transfer from “Mother Teresa” airport to the hotel in downtown Tirana. Founded in 1614, Tirana became the capital of Albania in 1920 and is the main cultural and industrial centre of Albania. The city boulevards are marked with fascinating relics of the Ottoman, Italian and communist past. Tirana is a city where fun is guaranteed: lively, loud, crazy, colorful, simply fascinating. In the afternoon, a tour of the city is planned along with a visit to the National Historical Museum, Et’hem Bey Mosque, Skanderbeg monument, clock tower and a journey towards Petrelë. Petrelë is a village 15 km south of Tirana located on a hill 500 m above sea level. Petrelë is particularly popular thanks to its castle built by Emperor Justinian to protect the settlement of Dyrrachium (Durrës). The castle was also used during the war of Skanderbeg against the Turks. The fort of Persqop, which belongs to the Illyrian era, is also in Petrelë. When weather is good, the Adriatic Sea can be seen from the castle. Dinner will be provided at a traditional restaurant in the castle of Petrelë, where you can choose between various dishes on the menu. Then, you will be accompanied to the hotel. Wt 3 h, T1. (-/ -/ D)
    The vibrant capital city Tirana.
  • Day2
    Then we will take the ferry in Koman along the Koman artificial lake (important to note that the ferry trip depends on the water level of the lake), and eventually leave the ferry in Fierzë, from where the trip will continue by car to Bajram Curri. Afterwards the road runs through the valley, along the clear waters of Valbona river, surrounded by wild and beautiful natural panorama and the rugged mountain peaks of the Albanian Alps, until the village of Valbona. Along the way you will have time for a snack. After lunch and a break, we’ll be discussing the program for the next few days. The accommodation is provided in a guest house in Valbona. (B/ L/ D)
    The wild-romantic Valbona Valley, 500 - 1100 m
  • Day3
    Just after breakfast we start hiking towards the hanging glacial valley of Kukaj. The trail runs through boulders and meadows, eventually entering the beech forest. Three-quarters of an hour from leaving the guesthouse, we pass by the houses of Kukaj and the path follows the right side of the valley until a small grassy plateau with a cattle pond. From here the hike becomes steeper and the ascent to the northwest leads to Forumi Pass (Qafa e Forumit) at 2150 m altitude. We continue the trail that runs parallel to the Montenegrin border towards Rosi summit. From the summit the view is breathtaking and extends up to Jezerca, Grykat e Hapëta -Zhaborre mountain range, Vuthaj (Vusanje) and Guci (Gusinje) in Montenegro. After a short photo break we descend the summit from another trail and hike down southeast, along the trough "Lugu i Rupës" to some shepherds’ huts (Stanet e Rrethit të Bardhë). Then the trail leads through the forest to the guest house down the valley. (B/ L/ D)
    Rosi Summit, 2523 m. T4, Wt 8.5 h Am 1593 ↑ Dm ↓ 1593
  • Day4
    The path to the summit starts in "Fusha e Gjësë" at the altitude of 1000m and follows the north-western side of the mountain range up to the source of "Buni i Ziçit", at 1495 meters altitude. The pathway becomes steeper and the ascent to the right leads to an open meadow from which the view extends up to the summit of "Grykat e Hapëta". From here the ascent runs on a rocky ground to a small gorge between two rocks. The path becomes very challenging and follows for about 300 meters through falling rocks, very difficult to be crossed. Afterwards the trail runs to the south up to the pass that leads to the summit. After reaching the pass ,the path follows to the west on not very steep ground. Once on the summit you can enjoy an impressive panorama over Valbona Valley and the village. After a short break on top, the descent follows from the same trail up to Rragam. Here are waiting our vehicles that will drive us to Tirana. The return trip runs through Kosovo. We will stop in Prizren, where dinner will be provided at a restaurant "A la Carte". Afterwards we will continue the trip and arrive in Tirana at around 11:00 pm. (B/ L/ D)
    The imposing Brijas Mountain, 2567 m: T4+, Wt 8 h, Am ↑1630 Dm ↓1630
  • Day5
    After breakfast in the morning, the transfer to the airport will be according to your scheduled flight. (B/ -/ -)
    Transfer to the airport
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The majestic Mount Brijas and Rosi

Valbona, Albania

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