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Running of the Bulls

4-Star Opening Ceremonies Package

Pamplona, Spain

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In Pamplona, the San Fermin Festival literally opens with a bang! The Txupinazo Opening Ceremonies, inaugurated by Pamplona’s mayor, feature rockets, champagne, the raising of panuelos and other exciting revelries. It is also the signal to the masses of partygoers that they may officially tie their red scarves around their necks.

Hover above the mayhem with our 4-Star VIP Opening Ceremonies Package featuring modern accommodations at the Pamplona Catedral Hotel as well as exclusive access to our Txupinazo Premium Balcony, a private Pamplona balcony for the initial Running of the Bulls and much more! This hotel provides stunning rooms only a 2-minute walk to the Bull Run Route.

Arrival location:

Pamplona, Spain

Departure Location:

Pamplona, Spain

Included in your experience:

3-Night Hotel Stay: Allow us to share with you the 4-star Hotel, Pamplona Catedral Hotel, is truly a gem among Pamplona’s hotel options. Located centrally on the city walls, it is only a 2 minute walk from the Bull Run. This former monastery boasts historically thick walls but renovations in 2009 elevated rooms to a modern standard. Enjoy medieval flair combined with all the comforts of the 21st century.

Opening Ceremonies (Txupinazo): reserves a eclusive Balcony, for our San Fermin Festival Opening Ceremonies Wine Party. Limited exclusively to our VIP guests, our celebration is a sight not to be missed. Our Premium Balcony offers great viewpoint in the city above the mass of partygoers filling the plaza. The Balcony is open for your enjoyment from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on July 6th for the ceremony beginning at noon.

Running of the Bulls: Especially for our VIP clients, we reserve a Premium private balcony at Dead Man’s Corner or Estafeta Street for the inaugural Bull Run on July 7th. and a Premium Balcony on Santo Domingo or Mercaderes Street for July 8th. It’s the best seat in the city along the Bull Run Route.

Bullfight Tickets: You will receive tickets for the Bullfights on the Tendido Shade side, the choice of more serious spectators.

Cuadrilla Dinner & VIP Terrace Fireworks: We're hosting our own Cuadrillas at typical large table, at the Baluarte. Chef, Enrique Martinez, who is well respected in Navarra, will create an exclusive menu for us that is full of flavor and tradition.

After a great dinner with appetizers, an entree, dessert, wine, cava, and coffee, you will have access to a very special terrace to watch the fireworks. The terrace is also located in the Baluarte and is situated in front of Citadel Park.

Welcome Tapas: Although Pamplona is considered a small town, it fills with people during the San Fermin Festival. On July 5th, we celebrate our guests’ arrival with our Welcome Tapas at Pamplona's Cathedral, a Private event where you are able to walk this historical building and taste typical wines and tapas along with other travelers.

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Not included in your experience:

A white shirt and white pants along with a red sash around the waist and a red bandana are the official attire of the San Fermin Festival and Running of the Bulls.

These may be purchased locally upon your arrival. It is often suggested to bring your whites from home and purchase the red items in Pamplona, which then also creates a meaningful souvenir.

We highly recommend wearing closed-toe shoes as there can be glass or other dangerous materials on the streets at times.

Breakfast, Lunch

Required Equipment:

The Pamplona Bullfights are the finale to the Running of the Bulls each day from July 7th through 14th. Throughout the San Fermin Festival, famous fighters come to participate. These tickets are located on the shade-side. This section is generally occupied by a more sophisticated audience who pays great attention to the Bullfight. Enjoy the event like the locals: Remember to bring snacks to eat after the 3rd bullfight! The bullring is separated into two different sides.

Sun: Tickets located in the Party area, where young people attend every evening (from July 7th-14th) to drink, eat, throw Sangría. Be sure that you have more clothes, because after came here probably you are not going to use that one anymore.

Shade: These tickets are located in shade-side. This section is occupied by a more sophisticated audience who pays great attention to the Fight. Also, the "Plaza" has various sections:

Barrera and Contrabarrera: These are the best tickets. If you want to be so close to the bulls that you can smell them, this is your place. There is very limited availability for these tickets.

Tendido and Grada: These are limited availability tickets on the shade side. The Tendido ticket reserves you a seat in the front section, getting you closer to the action. The location is in the shade side but closer to the Ruedo.

Andanada: These seats are located at the top of the bullring making this is a great place to watch the bullfights.

  • 1
    Bullfight Tickets
    Andanada Shade Jul 7-8.
  • 2
    Bullfight Tickets
    Contrabarrera Sun July 7-14
  • 3
    Bullfight Tickets
    Tendido Shade July 7
  • Day1 - 2
    Private Airport Transfer or Train Station Transfer based on your arrival Hotel Check-in: Hotel Pamplona Catedral 6: 45 p.m. - Welcome Tapas & Cathedral Tour Event showcasing various wines and Spanish tapas
    Hotel Pamplona Catedral
  • Day2 - 3
    10:00 a.m. - Txupinazo Opening Ceremonies on Premium Balcony 6:30 p.m. - Bullfight Tendido Shade at Plaza de Toros
    Hotel Pamplona Catedral
  • Day3 - 4
    7:00 a.m. – Inaugural Running of the Bulls on VIP Balcony at Dead Man's Corner or Estafeta Street 3:00 p.m. - Bull Run Tour with an Expert Runner 8:30 p.m. - Cuadrilla Dinner & VIP Fireworks Terrace
    Hotel Pamplona Catedral
  • Day4
    7:00 a.m. – Running of the Bulls on VIP Balcony at Santo Domingo or Mercaderes Street. Noon - Hotel Check-out: Hotel Pamplona Catedral Private Airport Transfer or Train Station Transfer based on your departure
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Running of the Bulls

4-Star Opening Ceremonies Package

Pamplona, Spain

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