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Grand African Safari

Southern Africa 5 Countries

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You know the profound moments in life you mentally record so you’ll always remember? This safari is full of those.

Eastern Africa offer unrivaled panoramas which you’ll explore in your own private 4x4 vehicle. Roam the plains of the Serengeti in search of wild buffalo and gazelle, then head into Masai Mara Reserve where your expert guide will get you up close and personal with elephants, lions and giraffe. From luxury tented chalets on the slopes of the wild Savannah to charming city hotels nestled in lush, private gardens, you’ll experience the wonder of Africa in all its glory.

You might spot a rare black rhino as you descend into the crater floor of the Ngorongoro caldera, one of the seven natural wonders of Africa. Then fly down to Southern witness the thundering Victoria Falls or a bobbing hippo as you cruise luxuriously up the Zambezi River on The African Queen… Before heading back to your stately 19th century Victorian hotel, stop by the African penguin breeding colony and fall in love with some of the most charming birds you’ll ever meet.

Enjoy a personalized vacation that best suits your needs, developed by experienced destination experts. Relax during your trip with our 24/7 support and expert local guidance.

Arrival location:

Nairobi, Kenya

Departure Location:

Cape Town, South Africa

Included in your experience:

- Guaranteed departure

- Accommodation

- Activities

- Transfers

- Meals

- Fees where indicated as per the itinerary

- Local and international traveler assistance during your tour

- Specialised and personalised services

Not included in your experience:

- Tips

- Laundry

- Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages unless explicitly noted

- Optional activities/extras

– Visas (unless noted)

- Vacation insurance

    None Available for this package
  • Day1 - 2
    Welcome to Nairobi and East Africa! You will be met by an assistant upon disembarking your flight, whom will help you through passport control, visa procedures and luggage collection. Your assistant will then deliver you to your guide in the welcome area of the airport. After your guide has loaded up your luggage, you will be driven through Nairobi, admiring some of the sights, and dropped off at your hotel. Your guide will brief you on your itinerary en-route. A privately driven vehicle will provide you with a transfer to and from the airport. While you are in the care of Kensington Tours, your safety and security are our number one priority. As such, in the unlikely event of serious illness or injury, all Kensington Tours clients are covered by “Flying Doctors” Insurance policy. This emergency evacuation insurance covers the cost of the evacuation flight back to Nairobi for treatment. This insurance policy however DOES NOT cover the cost of any medical treatment received. We highly recommend travel insurance for full coverage.
    Fairmont Norfolk Hotel | Breakfast Included
  • Day2 - 3
    This morning you'll meet up with your guide and head off to the Masai Mara. The drive will be about 5 to 6 hours. Head directly into the park for game viewing and then return to the camp for late check-in or check-in first and then head out for an afternoon game drive. Chat with your guide for their recommendation based on your arrival time and park hours. Head out this afternoon, accompanied by an experience tracker-guide, on an exciting game viewing adventure. Search some of the area`s wildlife hot-spots determined by your guide, as they`ve learned and now understand the games daily routines through tracking. Some wildlife is more difficult than others to spot, for instance the Leopard. These spotted cats blends almost seamlessly into the tall grass and shrubbery, and are even more challenging to spot up in their favorite hangout, the trees. Your guide will take you to nearby watering holes, where on a hot day, you`ll spot many bird and wildlife species, including the elusive Leopard. *Lunch and Dinner Included
    Mara West | Breakfast Included
  • Day3 - 4
    Just like the local wildlife, you’ll head out bright and early this morning, alongside an experienced tracker-guide for the day’s first game drive. The eco-diversity and sheer size of the Masai Mara Game Reserve provides the necessary requirements to house a wide range of animal species. The most recognized are known worldwide as the African Big 5, which includes the African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Rhinoceros, Leopard, and the King of the beasts, the Lion. The term Big 5 was coined by big-game hunters, as these species were the most difficult and dangerous to track and hunt. Subsequently the term was adopted by the tourism industry for marketing purpose, spinning a web of positivity opposed to the negative effect portrait by the original terminology. Numerous other species of bird and wildlife inhabit this dynamic location including Hyenas, Gazelles, Impalas, Giraffes, Zebras, Vultures, Cranes, Eagles, Falcons, and Ostriches. On today’s afternoon game drive, the choice is up to you: search for the Big 5 or expand your horizons to discover something different. Masai Mara not only has a rich mix of animals – it also has an incredible array of bird life with almost 450 different species. *Lunch and Dinner Included
    Mara West | Breakfast Included
  • Day4 - 5
    The famed Masai Mara Game Reserve was named after the indigenous inhabitants of this land, the Maasai, and the provider of life to the area, the Mara River. Game viewing is almost guaranteed at some point along the Mara River, and your experienced tracker-guide will know all the best spots to go to maximize this chance to see some of the many bird and wildlife species here. Have your camera handy, as some amazing photo opportunities will present themselves from elephants on the riverbanks to hippos in shallow water. Set out this afternoon accompanied by your guide on another exciting game drive through the Masai Mara Game reserve. The Mara area is one of the few places left in Africa where one can still spot Rhinos in the wild. Your guide will take you to locations where Rhinos have been recently reported to see if you can snap some photos of these elusive lumbering giants. *Lunch and Dinner Included
    Mara West | Breakfast Included
  • Day5 - 6
    You`ll depart the Masai Mara Game Reserve today in a privately driven vehicle with guide and travel towards the Isebania border crossing. Upon your arrival, your guide will arrange the necessary documentation for your entry into Tanzania. When traveling across the Kenyan-Tanzanian border a few things must occur. Upon arrival to the Isebania Border Crossing, you will switch vehicles and guides according to the country you'll be entering. You will be required to purchase a Visa; for Kenya it’s a per person cost of 50$ USD, and for Tanzania it's a per person cost of 100$ USD for American Citizens and 50$ USD for all other Nationalities. Please Note: Visas must be paid in USD, and in CASH. No bills can be older than 2006 as a local counterfeiting safeguard. A Single entry Visa is valid for 3 months and can be used for multiple entries into Kenya and Tanzania. It is also required that you have your Yellow Fever certification handy upon crossing. Upon crossing the Isebania Border from Kenya into Tanzania, you will continue in your specialized, Tanzanian guided and driven vehicle towards the Serengeti Game Park. Please advise your guide if you would like to make any additional stops at shops, villages or stop at Lake Victoria. For instance, a stop at a local fishing village can be scheduled if you’re craving some cultural inspiration. Otherwise, the drive direct between Masai Mara and Serengeti is approx 8 hours depending on border crossing and stops. Have your camera handy, as you enjoy some game viewing upon entry into the park whilst traveling to your Serengeti based lodging. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that for portions of this LONG drive, specifically through Kenya, the road may be unfinished and rather rough. Upon entry into Tanzania, you will notice an improvement in stability and comfort as roadway heading toward the Serengeti National Park is newly paved. The approximate total travel time between Masai Mara and Serengeti can range between 6 to 9 hours depending on road conditions, traffic and weather. *Lunch and Dinner Included
    Mbalageti Camp | Breakfast Included
  • Day6 - 7
    This morning’s African adventure begins with an exploratory game drive through Tanzania’s oldest and most recognized National Park, the Serengeti. This location offers the most expansive game viewing in Tanzania. From predators to prey, great herds of grazing herbivores to tactically cunning packs of carnivores, life on the plains of the Serengeti can best be defined as a complete “circle of life.” A photographic dream unfolds before your eyes as giraffes and elephants feast on tasty shrubbery, whilst impalas, gazelles and buffaloes dance carefully through the plains as to not become the latest meal for on-looking lions, cheetahs and hyenas. Spend today searching out Impala, one of Africa's most beautiful and graceful animals. Previously thought to be part of the gazelle tribe, Impalas have been found to be so different that they are now classified as their own sub-family status. When frightened or startled the whole impala herd starts randomly leaping to confuse their predator. They can jump distances more than 10 meters (33 ft.) and 3 meters (9 ft.) high. Leopards, cheetah, lions and wild dogs prey on impala. Impala can reach running speeds of approximately 50 to 55 mph (80 to 90 km/h) to escape its predators. See if you can track these incredible animals! *Lunch and Dinner Included
    Mbalageti Camp | Breakfast Included
  • Day7 - 8
    This African journey continues as you board a privately driven vehicle, accompanied by a local tracker-guide for your visit to the overwhelming large Ngorongoro Conversation Area. You’ll depart the Serengeti National Park grounds at a somewhat slower pace as to get in some more game-viewing. An optional stop at the Olduvlai Gorge is highly recommended, where at the Serengeti Welcome Center you’ll have an opportunity to marvel at a panoramic view of the surrounding area from the lookout point. A stop for a picturesque picnic is also scheduled during this journey. Upon your arrival into the conservation area, you’ll head towards your overnight accommodation whilst taking in the overwhelming size of the Ngorongoro crater. The approximate travel time may vary between 5 to 6 hours depending on weather conditions and the number of stops you’ve made along the way. During the heavy rainy season, longer travel times should be expected. The massive Olduvai Gorge or Oldupai Gorge is often referred to as “The Cradle of Mankind.” Beginning in the eastern Serengeti plains, the gorge is roughly some 48 kilometers long. Resulting from millions of years of natural erosion, this gorge boasts a steep-sided ravine that cuts and stretches its way through the Great Rift Valley along eastern Africa. The gorge is named after a commonly used plant by the Masai people with the scientific name of Sansevieria-Ehrenbergii, or Oldupai for short. *Lunch and Dinner Included
    Plantation Lodge | Breakfast Included
  • Day8 - 9
    You are provided with a personalized, experienced tracker-guide and private transportation today whilst exploring around the Ngorongoro National Park grounds. Explore one of the most recognized wildlife conservation areas in Tanzania today. Depart your camp or lodge in a privately driven vehicle, along with a local expert guide, towards the Ngorongoro Crater. The Ngorongoro Crater is the world’s largest inactive, intact, and unfilled volcanic caldera. This geological masterpiece was formed as a result of an extremely large volcanic explosion which caused the volcano to collapse in on itself, thus creating a crater. The crater is roughly 20 kilometers wide and some 2000 feet deep, making the trip from crater floor to rim around 45 minutes by 4x4. The extremely fertile crater floor is the reason why there is such a highly concentrated amount of wildlife here. Over 20000 mammals call the crater home, including some of the only remaining black rhinos in the world. The crater floor also boasts one of the highest carnivore densities in the world including large prides of lions, packs of hyenas and solitary predators like cheetahs and jackals. A keen eye, and expertly recommended search patterns from your guide may help you spot some of the less common species like leopards, servals, and bat-eared foxes. *Lunch and Dinner Included
    Plantation Lodge | Breakfast Included
  • Day9 - 10
    From Ngorongoro, your guide will drive you to Arusha. This drive will take approximately 2.5 hours. Stop for lunch at the Arusha Hotel in this tourism capital of Tanzania. Shop the local souvenir market. Take your flight from Arusha (ARK) to Nairobi (Wilson) today. The flight duration is approximately 2 hrs. This flight may stop in Kilimanjaro prior to departing Tanzania on the way to Nairobi. Luggage restriction applicable to this flight: 15 kg (32 lb) per person, for both carry-on and checked luggage. Your checked luggage needs to be soft-sided - no wheels / no spine, a duffel bag is recommended. A small purse/backpack, is recommended as a carry-on, to keep your camera, passport, hat, sunblock or other items you need within easy reach. A privately driven vehicle will provide you with a transfer to and from the airport.
    Fairmont Norfolk Hotel | Breakfast Included
  • Day10 - 11
    A privately driven vehicle will provide you with a transfer to and from the airport. Take your flight from Nairobi (NBO) to Lusaka airport (LUN) today. The flight duration is approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes. Please note: if you are continuing to Livingston (Vic Falls) the connecting flight is with another airline on a separate ticket. The connection is very tight. It you have any questions speak to your travel consultants about this connection. Take your flight from Lusaka to Livingstone today. The flight duration is approximately 1 hour. Upon arrival into Lusaka, you will be met on arrival after customs by our representative that will help you transfer to your next destination and welcome you to Zambia. Upon arrival you will receive all of your necessary documents for your trip which contains a detailed personalized itinerary, maps, restaurant suggestions, Top Tips for exploring each city or region and a 24 hour concierge service (for restaurant reservations, spa treatments, child minders, day tours etc). You will be collected from your hotel and transferred to the Royal Landing to meet the African Queen. She gracefully meanders slowly upstream along the length of the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in search of a number of animals and a host of bird species which can be viewed from comfortable chairs on the cool wooden decks. Excellent hot and cold food is served on board and the bar is well stocked with spirits, good wines, beers and soft drinks. All food and drink is included in the price and served throughout the cruise by professional, friendly waiters making the whole experience probably the most luxurious cruise on the Zambezi River. The duration of the cruise is about 2 hours and you can expect to be back at your hotel by 7pm.
    The Royal Livingstone | Breakfast Included
  • Day11 - 12
    Victoria Falls are a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur on the Zambezi River, bordering Zambia and Zimbabwe. You'll meet up with others in the lobby of the hotel and start out for your tour. A path along the edge of the forest provides the visitor who is prepared to brave the tremendous spray with an unparalleled series of views of the Falls. One special vantage point is across the Knife edge bridge, where visitors can have the finest view of the Eastern Cataract and the Main Falls as well as the Boiling Pot where the river turns and heads down the Batoka Gorge. Other vantage points include the Falls bridge and the Lookout Tree which commands a panoramic view across the Main Falls. Different times of the year will provide completely different experiences of the Falls region. Peak flood season is around March and April and the full power of the falls can be experienced in all its glory. As the floods abate the view of the falls gets better and better through the year, but at it’s lowest, around November and December the Falls become little rivulets running over the edge and in some places along the 1,7 km width no water falls at all. You'll have the afternoon free. Sign up for optional activities at your hotel (not included in tour price); helicopter, ultra-light, Gypsy Moth flights, elephant-back or horseback safari, white-water rafting, bungee jumping, Chobe game park day trip, jet boat, cultural tours, and more.
    The Royal Livingstone | Breakfast Included
  • Day12 - 13
    Transfer between Livingstone and Chobe lodges. Game viewing in the Chobe National Park with your skilled guide. You'll have a great chance to view the abundant elephant and other big game species up close. *Lunch and Dinner Included
    Muchenje Safari Lodge | Breakfast Included
  • Day13 - 14
    Set out into the wilderness of the Chobe National Park alongside an experienced local guide from your lodge. Explore this famous African game viewing destination during this once in a lifetime opportunity where you’ll experience all that this recognized National Park has to offer. Keep your camera handy as the local big game can appear at any time including elephants, buffaloes, leopards, lions, giraffes, kudus and hippos. Exploring this dynamic flood-plain provides a unique game viewing experience including the daily elephant migration as they continue their ongoing pursuit of fresh drinking water. Gliding across the picturesque Chobe River is considered by many as one of the finest game viewing experiences in all of Africa. Boasting some 80000 plus elephants in the park alone provides visitors with very frequent sightings of these majestic creatures along the waterways and flood plain-lands. Other African wildlife including hippos, buffalo, crocodiles, and water fowl are also often seen on these dynamic waters. *Lunch and Dinner Included
    Muchenje Safari Lodge | Breakfast Included
  • Day14 - 15
    The lodge's staff will provide a shared transfer to the airstrip. Fly today between Kasane and Johannesburg with Air Botswana. Luggage restrictions applicable to this flight: Hand luggage: One piece not exceeding 8 kg (18 lb) and maximum dimension of 56 cm (L) 36 cm (W) 23 cm (H). Checked luggage: One piece not exceeding 23 kg (50 lb) and maximum dimension of 158 cm (62 inches). Upon arrival into South Africa you will be met at the door of your aircraft with your name on a paging board, and your documents will be handed over to you. You will be assisted through immigration, baggage collection and customs. Take your flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town today. The flight duration is approximately 2 hours. Luggage restrictions applicable to this flight: Hand luggage: One piece not exceeding 8 kg (18 lb) and maximum dimension of 56 cm (L) 36 cm (W) 23 cm (H). Checked luggage: One piece not exceeding 23 kg (50 lb) and maximum dimension of 158 cm (62 inches). Enjoy a private transfer between the airport and your hotel.
    Cape Cadogan | Breakfast Included
  • Day15 - 16
    Today you will be met by your guide for an exploration of Cape Town, known affectionately as the Mother City. Your tour will take in the Houses of Parliament, the Castle (built between 1666 and 1679, this is South Africa’s oldest building), lively Greenmarket Square with its daily market, the Company Gardens and of course Table Mountain which will give you spectacular views over the city and Peninsula (cable car fee is not included as it is weather dependent). On your descent, you stop at the Bo Kaap, home to the Cape Malay community, with its cobbled streets and brightly colored houses. Please be aware that the Table Mountain Cableway might be closed for annual maintenance.
    Cape Cadogan | Breakfast Included
  • Day16 - 17
    Today you embark on a full day tour of the Cape Peninsula. You take in the beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay, before crossing over to Hout Bay, where you may choose to join an optional boat cruise to Seal Island. From here you drive to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve via Chapman’s Peak, one of the world’s most breathtaking coastal drives, where you will board a funicular to the top of the Peninsula to witness the symbolic meeting of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans as well as have spectacular views over False Bay. You enjoy lunch near here (not included – own account) before continuing to Simonstown, the naval base, and visiting the African Penguin breeding colony at Boulders Beach. En route back you stop at the world renowned Kirstenbosch Gardens before returning back to your hotel.
    Cape Cadogan | Breakfast Included
  • Day17 - 18
    Sign up for optional activities (not included in tour price); diving to see Great White sharks, whale watching, visit to Robben Island to see Mandela's prison, visit to local townships, walking tours, visit winelands, cycling, cultural tours and more.
    Cape Cadogan | Breakfast Included
  • Day18 - 19
    Departure: Enjoy a private transfer between your hotel and the airport.
    | Breakfast Included
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Grand African Safari

Southern Africa 5 Countries

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