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Wilderness Expedition for Women

Finnmark, Norway

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First timer or experienced skier, this cross-country skiing expedition trip for women presents an unforgettable experience for any adventure-minded nature loving woman.

On this expedition trip we ski with dogs and pulks (sleds) from outside the town Alta, southeast, across the Finnmark Plateau to Karasjok in the heartland of the Norwegian Sami culture. We sleep in mountain cabins and tents and most of the trip will be of trails. The highlights of this trip are the silence, a true wilderness experience and the Northern Lights (not guaranteed).

Minimum age for children traveling on this trip is 15 years.

Women traveling alone must be 18 years or older.

Number of guests is 1 to 8.


You must be prepared to share rooms in Alta, Jotka mountain cabin and Ravnastua mountain cabin. In Karasjok you will be lodged in double rooms in design cabins with one or two rooms.

In Karasjok single rooms are available for an additional NOK 200-400 per day (Ask your seller using the button below).

The nights in tents, teams of 2 to 3 women will share one tent.

We would like to encourage you to stay a few extra days at Engholm Husky Lodge to explore Karasjok and the neighboring town of Kautokeino.

At the Husky Lodge there is always many things happening and you can, among other things, take part in the daily handling of the dogs. You can visit the sights of Karasjok or you can relax with a good book from the “mushers library”. You can also experience the Sami culture by visiting the Sami Museum, buy Sami art and hand craft, visit the local Sámi knife smith or get a guided tour at the Sami parliament. You can also book a dog sledding trip or a maybe trip to visit a reindeer herder.


Arrival location:

Alta, Norway

Departure Location:

Karasjok, Norway

Included in your experience:

- all meals from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 9

- some equipment

- lodging in Alta, Jotka, Ravastua and Karasjok

– professional, English-speaking guide

- Local transportation

- activities as listed in the program

Airport transfers

Not included in your experience:

- Travel to Alta and from Karasjok

- Personal equipment (please check the equipment list)

- Travel insurance

- Alcoholic beverages

Required Equipment:

- 1 wind proof jacket (and preferably also waterproof e.g. GoreTex, BreTex or similar membrane fabric)

- 1 Windproof pants (Like the jacket)

- 1 Thick woolen sweater or fleece jacket * (Nok 50)

- 1 Sweater

- 2 T-shirts, thin woolen shirts or other technical underwear

- 2sets warm underwear (longjons and top with full length arms). Preferably wool or woolen terry

- 1 Warm and wind proof hat that also protects your ears in the wind * (NOK 50)

- 1 pair Warm and wind proof mittens (NOT gloves) * (NOK 50)

- 1 pair thin gloves (to protect fingers from direct contact with cold metal)

- 2 pairs thick woolen socks

- 1 Scarf and/or balaclava

- 1 pair Gaiters/leggings

- 1 pair ski boots **

- 1 set skis, ski poles and skins (mountain skis) * (NOK 500)

- 1 Back pack (40 liters +/-20 liters)

- 1 Sleeping mat *

- 1 Sleeping bag * (NOK 200)

- 1 Liner for sleeping bag *

- 1 Sunglasses

- 1 Ski-goggles *

- 1 Headlamp *

- Toilet articles and other private equipment

- 1Towel

Items marked with * can be provided for free on request. Information about equipment you need must be conveyed minimum 2 weeks before arrival. Items with an additional cost are noted with the price.

Please note that this is the minimum required clothing and equipment for this women trip. You are of course welcome to bring other clothes and equipment in addition to this.

You should pack your clothing in waterproof bags to avoid equipment from becoming wet during the tour.

We also recommend that you bring a down jacket to put on when we are in camp or not moving, however this is only for comfort and is not vital for the trip.

If you choose to bring your own sleeping bag, this needs to be a warm winter sleeping bag with minimum comfort temperature >/= -15° Celsius.

If you choose to bring your own sleeping mat, it must be suitable for camping on snow, meaning that inflatable mats should have down in them or be combined with a thin roll mat.A foam mat (roll mat) should be thick /insulated enough for use on snow (≈14mm).

We do also recommend that you bring a camera with extra memory cards and battery.

We recommend that you bring your own skis on this trip. The skis must be mountain skis (back country skis) or touring skis. Racing skis or other narrow and/or short skis will not do the job. The skis are vital on this trip and anything other than mountain skis or touring skis are not considered safe to use on this trip.

** The skis we can provide are classic wooden cross-country skis. They are not the lightest and most hi tech skis, but they work well for this type of trip.

** If you rent skis from us you can use your own warm winter boots, suitable for hiking, with the rented skis.

We also provide:

- Warm winter boots (to use in the camp area when we are not skiing)

- Tents

- Stoves, cutlery and cooking equipment

- Pulks (sledges for equipment transport)

- Other common equipment necessary for this trip

Equipment that you do not need on the expedition can be transported from Alta to Karasjok.

Please give us feedback on following:

- Allergies/intolerance, food preferences (e.g. vegetarian)

- Medical conditions that we should know about

- Any equipment you would like to borrow /rent from us

- Shoe size

Weather conditions in March/April in the Finnmark:

• Average temperature approx. -6 C (21,2F)

• Temperatures can drop down to approx. -25 C.

• Sunrise around 6am in 15th March and 4:30am 15th April

• Sunset around 5:30 15th March and 9:30pm 15th April.

• The best time to see the northern light is before 5th April

* Rental equipment is availabel, see 'Additional activities' for details
  • 1
    Sleeping bag
    Sleeping bag for an expedition during winter
  • 2
    Ski Set
    Skis, ski poles and skins (Mountain ski set)
  • 3
    Warm and wind proof mittens
  • 4
    Warm and wind proof hat that also protects your ears in the wind
  • 5
    Thick woolen sweater or fleece jacket
  • 6
    Extra night @ Husky Lodge
    Full board and lodge at Engholm Husky Lodge in Shared Room (per night)
  • 7
    Single Sup. @ Husky Lodg
    Single room at Husky Lodge Supplement
  • 8
    Sauna must be booked for at least 4 pp
  • 9
    Outdoor Hot Tub
    Outdoor Hot Tub must be booked for at least 8 pp
  • 10
    Ski lesson
    A day of Skiing Instructions
  • Day1
    Arrival in Alta. Your guide will meet you at Alta Airport and take you to a local guesthouse/cabin where you will stay the first night. You will be served dinner and your guide will go through the program for the trip and the exact skiing route with you. Your guide will also go through your personal outdoor equipment to make sure everybody have brought everything they need for the trip and that the equipment holds the standards that the arctic environment requires.
    Overnight at Guesthouse in Alta
  • Day2
    After breakfast we will do the last preparations and there will be time for some last minute shopping before we travel to the mountains where the trip starts. We start of softly on the first day with skiing only approximately 4 kilometers to the Jotka Mountain Cabin. Here you will be served dinner and stay for the night. In the afternoon you will be teamed up with 1 or 2 other women with whom you will work together and share tent on the trip. You will also be shown how to put up your tent and how to use some of the equipment that you will be using on the trip. There will also be time to make your final personal preparations and adjustments before the journey across the Finnmark Plateau starts. The guide will also go through safety routines, skiing routines and how to handle the dogs in a best possible way.
    Overnight at Jotka Mountain Cabin | Breakfast Included
  • Day3
    After breakfast the trip starts. Alaska Huskies will help us pull some of the equipment. You will be surprised to see how much these dogs love to work. We will be skiing half of the day on tracks and rest of the day of tracks. This evening will be the first night in tents. We will now be well on our way and the landscape will be quite flat and mostly treeless.
    Overnight in tents | Breakfast Included
  • Day4
    A new day on skis. The next camp will be set up by a good fishing lake and the rest of the day can be spent fishing on the ice if we arrive early. The lakes along our skiing route have mostly arctic char, brown trout and grayling. With some luck, we will catch some that we can prepare for dinner.
    Overnight at wilderness camp | Breakfast Included
  • Day5
    The day starts slowly and if you like you can try some fishing again before lunch. After lunch we pack our camp and we ski the rest of the day before we make camp again.
    Overnight in tents | Breakfast Included
  • Day6
    The first kilometers will be in gentle uphill terrain before we reach the highest point on the trip. Here you can enjoy a fabulous view and there will be time to take out your camera before we continue. We will be skiing a few more kilometers before we make camp for the night.
    Overnight in tents | Breakfast Included
  • Day7
    During this day we will be going from the barren mountains down into the forest. We spend this night at Ravnastua mountain cabin. This mountain cabin has a basic standard with no shower facilities. It is heated with wood burners and there are no televisions or other things to disturb the cozy and relaxed atmosphere. You will be sharing room with the other travelling women.
    Overnight at Ravnastua Mountain Cabin | Breakfast Included
  • Day8
    This will be the longest leg on the trip. We will be skiing the rest of the way to Engholm Husky Lodge. A total of approximately 22 kilometers. The first 15 kilometers will be on tracks and mostly downhill. The last 7 kilometers will be on the frozen river Karasjohka, also on tracks. After our arrival at the lodge we will gather in the lodge kitchen and dinner will be served in the warm and cozy lodge atmosphere. A nice wood heated sauna and outdoor hot tub is ready on request for those tempted.
    Overnight at Engholm Husky Lodge | Breakfast Included
  • Day9
    Breakfast and journey home.
    Overnight at Engholm Husky Lodge | Breakfast Included
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Wilderness Expedition for Women

Finnmark, Norway

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